Products and Brands

Bakery and Cake Supplies

This list includes our baking products: yeast, improver, conditioner, powder (what kind), cake mixes, margarine, oil, shortening, sugar, sweeteners, fillings, flavors, seeds, nuts, canned fruit, cornstarch, salt, glazes.


The list included:

Dairy, cheese, icings donuts, frozen, pastry.

Decorating Supplies

This list includes: Sprinkles, pearls, hojuela, chocolates , toppings decorative, lace and food coloring.

Packaging and Disposable

This list included : Cake container, circles, pads, drum bakery, boxes, baking cups.

Baking Tools

This list included: Small wares, mold, flour, aluminum, decorating tools, piping bags.


This list includes: Jellies, mousse, fondant flavors.